Hosted Virtual Servers

Today Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an affordable alternative to purchasing hardware and managing an on premise server network. Even small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from moving their infrastructure to the cloud. Built on our redundant server infrastructure, designed with high availability, and protected by our Data Centre’s backend security, our hosted virtual servers “for hire” are highly reliable.

At Ottawa Cloud Computing, hosted virtual servers are billed on a monthly basis and you only pay for the server resources allocated to run your infrastructure.  CPU, memory, and disk space can be modified as required to accommodate your hosted applications and data.  The hosted virtual servers are backed up using Veeam software and you have the flexibility to choose data retention periods.  As a managed service, Ottawa Cloud Computing will manage the patching of the operating system, monitor the servers on a 24 x 7 basis and perform all maintenance as required during scheduled maintenance windows.

Our Professional Service Team is available to architect your virtual server solution.  We can also manage the migration of your data and applications with minimal downtime. Please contact us to make arrangements for one of our Account Executives to contact you.